Google Loves Mobile Websites


Is your company’s mobile site quick to load? If not, don’t be surprised if its ranking plummets on Google search results. In July, Google’s algorithm changed so that slow-loading mobile sites will suffer the consequences.While this has been a call for action for quite some time, Google will now use loading speed as a metric for mobile search result ranking.

“Businesses with slow mobile sites may see a decrease in mobile organic rankings on Google,” said Tony Palazzo, vice president of operations and marketing of Logical Position. “Speed has always been a factor of ranking, but previously it was based on your desktop version of your site; now it’s going to be looking at your mobile site load speed.”

Mobile accounts for more than 52.2 percent of all web traffic worldwide, increasing from last year’s 50.3 percent. With its algorithm change, Google is hoping to accommodate this rising trend.

Are you prepared?

Curious if your site is ready for the change? Google has given us a wonderful quick and free way to find out if our websites pass the test. Does yours? Find out now using Google’s Mobile Friendly Tester.

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