What Do Our Customers Say?

“I hired User Theory to help me with my website as I was not receiving any website activity by doing it myself using a build your own website. User Theory was able to take what my vision was for my business and make an attractive, motivating, attention getting, and simplistic design that was affordable. They were able to get activity to my new website. Immediately an increase in sales.

I tried to spend as little as possible making a website myself and wasted my money. The money I invested into User Theory payed me back almost immediately. As a business owner I highly recommend taking advantage of the services provided. My only regret is I should have hired them sooner.”

– Chauncey Hooks

Blue Ridge Karate

Small Business Websites

WordPress Web Design & Development

Grow your small business online and engage your visitors with a professional WordPress website that delivers results.

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Web Accessibility

Section 508 & WCAG 2.0 Consulting

A choice that matters. Ensure your website meets all government standards for ADA Compliance.

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Digital Strategy

Social Media Management & SEO Optimization

Dominate your market online through strategic social media campaigns & optimized SEO strategy.

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IT Consulting

Work smarter & faster with the right technology

We help businesses implement the right technology solutions for growth, efficiency, and security.

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Our Mission & Why User-Centered Design Is Important

Here at User Theory, our commitment to providing a beautiful, clean, accessible and modern design is just as important as creating a website for your business that users visually appreciate and easily navigate. Your users will quickly and easily be able to gather information about your business, the services you provide, and then allows to easily purchase products, schedule appointments, or contact you if needed.

Fact is the more user friendly your website is to use, the higher conversion of sales, and not to mention the happier your clients will be. 

Our company follows a simple mindset we have dubbed “the 30 second rule”. If a user can not establish what your business is and what they are suppose to do within 30 secs they will leave. One of the most common mistakes businesses make is providing too much information to the client on their website. Believe it or not less really is more! Presenting your clients with a clear and simple hierarchy of information is imperative to converting that viewer into a potential client.

Being focused on providing users with well calculated information doesn’t start and end with your website. Logos, business cards, flyers and other marketing material is essential to a businesses brand identity. Developing a focused and educated branding plan of action is crucial to the success of every business big or small. Take a moment and think about your favorite places to eat, shop, and stay. Could you recognize them based clearly off their branding? Does their branding make sense for their name or what services they offer? Does your brand give that same sense of feeling? Our branding experts have spent years helping businesses develop that same recognition.

We look forward to hearing from you and taking your business to the next level.

Featured Client: The SPARC Foundation

SPARC Foundation Logo

SPARC Foundation was created after years of providing Medicaid funded services to children and adults in Western North Carolina. Since 2014, we have collaborated closely with local law enforcement, the Attorney Generals office, Departments of Health and Human Services, schools, mental health and substance abuse providers and local non-profits in order to create a safer community and healthier families. Through evidence-based models and proven strategies, we seek to fill gaps in the community where the underserved often fall through.

The SPARC Foundation On A IMAC Screen