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Web Accessibility Matters

Did you know that many businesses and organizations are required to be Section 508 compliant and failure to do so can result in fine from the federal or state government starting at $55,000 for the first offense and $110,000 for subsequent offenses.

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Accessibility Consulting

Let us evaluate your website and provide you with information you need to get in compliance, increasing your customer base, and in the process making your site more user friendly.

Accessibility User Testing

We provide the best and most detailed accessibility user testing you will find anywhere! Get real reports from real people who depend on these technologies daily.

Accessibility Coding

User Theory Web Development can code your web site to pass automated and manual testing in accordance with WCAG 2.0 Guidelines. Level A compliance is included in all sites we build or rebuild.

Web Accessibility Guidelines

Web accessibility guidelines apply to commercial business web sites, not-for-profit sites, and public sector sites at the federal, state and local level (see excerpt at bottom of this page). User Theory, LLC currently provides coding for the private, public and non-profit sectors.

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) Coding

User Theory, LLC can code your web site to pass automated and manual testing in accordance with  Guidelines. Level A compliance is included in all sites we build or rebuild. Level AA compliance is often achieved during the initial coding process. If further work is required to meet WCAG 2.0 Level AA guidelines, the additional time is billable at our current hourly rate. We also code to the highest standard, WCAG Level AAA. This is a premium standard sought by sites that cater to disabled communities. WCAG Level AAA compliance typically adds about 50 percent to the cost of developing or rebuilding a web site.

Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) Web Accessibility

Achieving ADA web accessibility guidelines is part of our WCAG Level AA coding service. Our initial coding efforts often meet or exceed ADA web accessibility guidelines. Additional time required to pass human and automated testing for ADA Web Accessibility Guidelines compliance can be purchased on a project flat rate basis or at our current hourly rates.

Section 508 Of The Rehabilitation Act

All websites developed by User Theory is guaranteed to meet Federal Sec. 508 Web Accessibility Guidelines. All sites we code are guaranteed to pass automated testing for Sec. 508 compliance. If human testing reveals areas that require additional time to ensure complete compliance, the work is included at no additional charge.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Web Accessibility Important For My Business?

An accessible website is often the easiest way to do business with many people with disabilities, for example, people who cannot read print material, people who have difficulty getting to a physical store, and others. Also, what you do for accessibility overlaps with other best practices such as mobile Web design, usability, and search engine optimization (SEO). The more people who can access your site – the more products, information and so on that reaches users. Most users who depend on accessibility will become loyal customers as they know your site can be trusted as a site that is easy for them to use.

Take a moment to read the below factors.

Examples of How Factors Differ Across Environments

Examples of different motivations that organizations have for adopting accessibility and how those can be integrated into a customized business case are provided below:

  • corporation might emphasize:
    • financial gains and cost savings from increased web use due to increased potential market share, search engine optimization (SEO), and increased usability
    • reducing risk of legal action, high legal expenses, and negative image
    • public relations benefits of demonstrating corporate social responsibility (CSR)
    • benefits of an inclusive workplace that supports employees with disabilities
    • increased productivity from supporting and retaining older employees and their experience
  • government ministry or agency might emphasize:
    • laws and policies that require public services are available to all, such as anti-discrimination legislation or information and communications technology (ICT) policy
    • demonstration of social responsibility and provision of information and services that are accessible to all citizens
    • savings from improved server performance and decreased site maintenance
    • benefits from enabling people with disabilities and older users to interact with them online instead of more costly ways
  • An educational institution might emphasize:
    • number of students, faculty, or staff with disabilities in educational settings as a social responsibility consideration
    • benefits of Web accessibility to students with different learning styles, older computer equipment, or low bandwidth Internet connections
    • benefits to older employees who may be experiencing age-related impairments, an increasing percentage of employees as the workforce ages
    • legal or policy requirements
  • non-governmental (non-profit) organization (NGO) might emphasize:
    • social responsibility factors, such as the organization’s commitment to human rights, including the right to information
    • organization’s interest in ensuring that its materials are available to all of its potential audiences
    • supporting older people with age-related impairments who may be donors
  • web design business might emphasize:
    • competitive advantage and financial benefits of being able to meet increasing requests for accessible web design and development
    • technical benefits and long term financial benefits to clients of providing sites according to web standards
    • public relations benefits of being able to support clients’ interests in demonstrating social responsibility
  • small to medium-sized enterprise (SME) relying on e-Commerce might emphasize:
    • positive impact on search engine optimization (SEO) from accessibility improvements
    • importance of an increasing market among people with disabilities and older people who may significantly benefit from accessible online shopping
    • increased general usability and trustworthiness of online shopping interfaces from improved accessibility
    • reduced risk of legal action and negative publicity from not complying with anti-discrimination legislation

While your business case may emphasize a few aspects, it is also important that you include other aspects. For example:

  • An organization with a clear legal requirement for Web accessibility might still need a solid cost/benefit analysis to get management to commit sufficient resources for an effective Web accessibility program.
  • Some commercial organizations might be more responsive to a social responsibility argument than to a standard cost/benefit analysis when committing to Web accessibility.
What all does the FREE accessibility page report cover?

The free accessibility page report covers only 1 page – your homepage, or main page as some people refer to it as. For a more comprehensive and detailed report give us a call.

What information will the FREE accessibility report tell me?

You will get a report back telling exactly how many errors, contrast issues, alerts, and if any structual issues are found in your sites heirarchy.

How long does it take to get my FREE report?

We promise you results within 24 hours of your request. However, it normally ranges between 1 to 8 hours depending on the time of day.

I've recieved a notice that my site is not in compliance from the government! Now what?

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