IT Services

User Theory’s technology experts can help you realize a modern, tech-powered, scalable office setting for your company.

Need Professional Office Setup or Optimization? We've got you covered.

User Theory can help you and your company organize, price and set up a low-maintenance office environment capable of growing with you. Our experts can equip your company with the tools it needs to work, organize, create and share  between employees and devices. 

Scalable Systems

Scalable software solutions allow growing companies to share resources and work together without the headache of yesterday’s way of handle licencing and file sharing.


Booking and Scheduling Solutions

Take control of your company’s schedule with a state-of-the-art scheduling system. Take control and free your time by ensuring an organized, synchronized, efficient schedule.

Networking and Intranet

A powerful, feature-rich, in-house network and backup solution that is specifically catered to your needs can provide unparalled synchronization across employees and devices.

Workflow and Software Training

A lean, efficient workflow with modern software ensures that your work gets done well and gets done right. Expert training from tech gurus can show you how to trim the fat and save time.

Install Scalable Systems

For any growing business, it is integral to match yourself to systems and software that will continue to provide solutions as your company grows. Not impede your workflow with the need to micromanage many individual installs, databases and license keys for many employees. User Theory can provide solutions from antivirus to office tools and beyond; and match your business needs with powerful services and platforms that will grow with your business, instead of holding it back.

Booking Systems

Scheduling and booking systems are a major need for many businesses, large and small alike. The ability to automate such an important and time consuming facet of your company’s workflow can be freeing and empowering to any business. User Theory provides a number of powerful, versatile scheduling solutions across a variety of platforms that can fit your needs and be put to work for you and your company right away.

Intranet Installation and Setup

Secure, company-wide networks can be a powerful asset for your business. The ability to securely share important data, files and media is an integral part of many modern workflows. At User Theory, we work closely with business owners and office managers to decide on networking options that help business run as efficiently as possible. Whether your company needs an in-house network for an office environment, or the ability to work securely and remotely with team members, our experts can help you define the solution that works best for you and your business.


Sharepoint can provide your business with a reliable, powerful, cloud-based solution for your company’s data. With the ability to sync important data across many users and devices, Sharepoint can provide a stable foundation for companies who are often on the move or working remotely. User Theory can do more than just implement a Sharepoint solution for your company’s data. We can help train your employees to use Sharepoint’s features to collaborate, share and work more efficiently with the data they need.

PC and Laptop Setup for Business

Setting up company computer systems for even a small team of people can add up to a massive undertaking. From research and pricing to purchase and setup can be an overwhelming task for many small businesses. We at User Theory can provide expert consultation and professional computer system set up services for teams and businesses large and small

Workflow Training

From WordPress to social media and Microsoft systems, User Theory provides expert level workflow training and sessions for individuals and small teams across a wide range of digital and web platforms. Whether you’re an individual who wants to do more with your WordPress-based home business or a small business who wants to better coordinate with team members, User Theory can provide the training solutions that you need.

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