Day 1?  Day 1 sounds like the start of an epidemic…  maybe I should have used “ground zero” for the first blog post of this new adventure if that’s the feel I was going for.  Nevertheless, its not really the feeling I am going for but hey its a start right?  This whole thing is really an idea.  An idea that I can better myself as a future UX designer and hopefully help other people a long the way.  As i have learned in college, everyone has different learning styles.  Myself, I am a visual learner and I tend to learn a lot more by teaching others.  I plan on using this blogging thing to basically keep relaying the important information or tools that I come in contact with during my studies and job experiences.  I suspect that if you have landed on this blog, you were probably looking for some information about something related to UX, and I hope you find it.

I encourage you to look around, comment on my posts (be nice or at least constructive… I am not perfect and neither are you.and hopefully something written within these cyber walls will help you in some way.

Until Post 2….